Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Rome, Florence, Pisa, Barcelona, France....

This past week I have been off exploring Europe, if you can call a cruise exploring?
It was a good taster of places we want to go back and visit for more than just a day!
My highlights were Rome, Florence and Barcelona. All of which I've visited before but only when I was little and on college trips... A mini tour of Italy has now been added to the huge list of trips for the future (which Grows almost everyday).

Days 1&2

The first day of our little adventure was spent at sea having life boat drills and searching for sun  loungers, day 2 we went to Corsica,just a little stroll around the port because it was soooo hot!

Day 3

By far my favourite day! Today we went to Rome where we looked in the Colosseum, had a tour of the Roman Forum, got caught in a tropical storm, ate pizza and gelato at the Trevi Fountain and went Vespa hunting...

Day 4

Florence and Pisa were next and we saw so much with guide Umburto that I can't even remember everything to tell you! Florence is amazing and somewhere I'd love to have more time in.

Day 5&6

Days 5 and 6 were St.Rapheal and Barcelona. 
After our mammoth 2 days trying to see absolutely everything in Rome and Florence, we took a break at St. Raphael with some swimming in the pool and a stroll around the town... we also decided which million pound Yacht we would buy.
Day 6 was Barcelona where we went to the football stadium and attempted to walk to Sagrada de Familia (fail), after our walking failure we took a stroll down La Ramblas and did a bit of shopping (for once I didn't buy anything!!!)

The last day was home time :( boooo. 
I will definately be back in Barcelona, Rome and Florence soon but you defo need more than one day in these places!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Song of the Moment - The Roses

To me nothing says summer like The Stone Roses first album played full blast. They fit perfectly with hot city nights and hazy summer days.

Holly x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Moss Wall

As promised on my making of post, some shots from the mini shoot I did for my portfolio :)

Thanks to Melissa for modelling and of course, Chrissie at Hat Therapy for all the help of making and shooting the hats!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Week Away

Next week I am jetting off on a cruise! (because I'm ever so posh don't you know)

I usually buy myself a magazine in the airport to read but this year I have been saving this little beauty!
I first saw this magazine advertised in Oh Comely, which is my all time fave and when I saw it in Magma bookstore in Manchester I HAD to buy.

The book I'm taking is 24 hour party people which I can't decide whether I've read before but I've seen the film for sure... I'm taking this book because watching Spike Island put me in that kind of mood this month...

What are your holiday reads?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Song of the Moment - Something You Can't Have

This weekend we saw The Courteeners, I've lost count of how many times I've actually seen these guys. My all time favourite band... which you might have guessed from my blog title if you're a fan yourself...

Last Hat

Last week was my last at the hat shop, I was so sad to leave but I've had a great time and learnt an unbelievable amount. Before I left I got to make one last blocked hat.

Possibly my favourite of all the hats I've made in my time there! Made from a recycled 50s hat the plastic raffia was reblocked onto this unusual crown piece. to keep it true to itself I added a 50s inspired silk trim with buckle detail. I love it!

Monday, 8 July 2013


I promised you a look at the grey straw hat I was working on when it was finished and here it is, from start to finish!

The idea behind this hat was a kind of matador, dance vibe (hence the name "Pasodoble").
I blocked a short crown on one of Chrissie's hand made blocks and cut it short to get the look we were going for.

The large asymmetrical brim was then blocked and trimmed.
Everything was lined and brim attached to crown before a hat elastic was added to keep it on your mug.

I finished it with a twist of wire and pearls for a contemporary yet classic look, the short crown and asymmetric, large brim definitely look great, I was really pleased with my finished item.

Look out for the photoshoot of my last two hats with lovely model Melissa.

Holly x

Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Day in the Life

Today I thought I would do a "Day in the Life", as you might know, I have been working for a milliner during my year of interning. I had no background in millinery would it was an opportunity I couldn't miss :)
 I thought you might like to see what a day in the life of a milliner is like? Who doesn't like to have a nosy at what other people do all day?

The first part of my journey is pretty uninspiring.. I get the commuter train to Manchester before changing and getting another train to Hebden Bridge.
Hebden Bridge is such a lovely place, I walk to work through the park and over the canal which is full of boats and people when the weather is nice...

The shop is called Hat Therapy as you probably know from previous posts! but here's a little peak inside.

Last week I was working on what was going to be my last blocked hat :( (luckily I got to make one last fab hat which will be in another post).
This is my concentrating face.

The messy bit with some of our fabrics, I can't tell you how much this gets tidied up and rearranged but that's the nature of a working environment isn't it?

I finished lining and put together my hat in the afternoon but it still needed trimming and finishing of the next day. I hope to be doing a tiny photoshoot with it so I'll post that soon.

I can't tell you how much I've loved working in the hat shop, this is my last week of placement before final year in September but this is definitely not the end of me and millinery.

Holly x