Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Rome, Florence, Pisa, Barcelona, France....

This past week I have been off exploring Europe, if you can call a cruise exploring?
It was a good taster of places we want to go back and visit for more than just a day!
My highlights were Rome, Florence and Barcelona. All of which I've visited before but only when I was little and on college trips... A mini tour of Italy has now been added to the huge list of trips for the future (which Grows almost everyday).

Days 1&2

The first day of our little adventure was spent at sea having life boat drills and searching for sun  loungers, day 2 we went to Corsica,just a little stroll around the port because it was soooo hot!

Day 3

By far my favourite day! Today we went to Rome where we looked in the Colosseum, had a tour of the Roman Forum, got caught in a tropical storm, ate pizza and gelato at the Trevi Fountain and went Vespa hunting...

Day 4

Florence and Pisa were next and we saw so much with guide Umburto that I can't even remember everything to tell you! Florence is amazing and somewhere I'd love to have more time in.

Day 5&6

Days 5 and 6 were St.Rapheal and Barcelona. 
After our mammoth 2 days trying to see absolutely everything in Rome and Florence, we took a break at St. Raphael with some swimming in the pool and a stroll around the town... we also decided which million pound Yacht we would buy.
Day 6 was Barcelona where we went to the football stadium and attempted to walk to Sagrada de Familia (fail), after our walking failure we took a stroll down La Ramblas and did a bit of shopping (for once I didn't buy anything!!!)

The last day was home time :( boooo. 
I will definately be back in Barcelona, Rome and Florence soon but you defo need more than one day in these places!