Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A World of Colour

Considering the amount of colour in the natural world you'd think it would be easy to translate that onto cloth. No.
I am having a lot of trouble get a variety of colours from the dye stuffs I have gathered, the colours I have are lovely, the problem is, there are two. a golden brown and a lush berry colour.

Studio time was fairly successful this week, I experimented with natural dye mono-prints, using reactive stock paste (a pretty natural substance containing urea) to transfer the dyes which were painted onto a silk screen. Although they weren't steamed for long enough so my results were extremely pale. I'm going to try again (and steam them correctly this time!).

I've also been working in my sketchbook with the dye berries and exhausted dyes to create some interesting textures.

My aims for next week are more colours and more fabrics! I want to get as many different samples as possible, leather and wool felt for millinery are my latest loves, for working on in next week's studio time.