Thursday, 14 November 2013

Happy Accidents.

Working with naturals dyes has thrown up a lot of happy accidents, whether it be an unexpected colour or pattern appearing on the fabric.

I found when I mordanted things in a jar or rusty water with scrap metal that anywhere the metal or dye stuffs touched the fabric, the dye would take on a different shade in this area… I don't know if anyone see finds this with natural dyes?

other happy accidents (although some would argue not) that come out of the dye room are contaminations, where other dyes or inks get on your sample in some way when drying or washing the fabric in the sinks. For this project these could work quite well, one sample in particular picked up brown coloration when drying the dyed, pleated fabric. It gave a lovely grungey look to a fabric that may otherwise have looked to feminine for men's shirting.

With the end of the project in sight, I realise this unpredictability has played a huge part in my designs, it is the unexpected elements that sometimes add extra depth and interest to my pieces and what keep dyeing with natural dyes feeling fresh.