Sunday, 24 November 2013

Instagram Between the Cracks Project

As my first final year project reaches its end (tomorrow to be exact), I thought I'd shape some of my instagram snaps from along the way.

This project has been stressful, to say the least, getting back into education after a year of working has been hard for all.
I challenged myself further by attempting something I have never done before, experimenting with natural dyes. It has been fun, although limiting at times and is something I would like to take further, combining it with contemporary techniques.
Printing with the dyes has certainly been challenging as the colours always came out paler than hoped but luckily worked well with the rest of my samples!
Juggling three projects at once has been interesting and in someways I think I made it harder for myself by choosing the same starting point for all three as at one point it was hard to tell the difference between the three. At that point I split my sketchbook into three and made a concious effort to take different directions. The results are pleasing, my favourite being my menswear collection - accessories and floral suiting.
My least successful is hard to say, I have less work for one but it works together well and I could see it fitting the market. My womenswear, possibly has the most samples but I found not everything fit together, so I had to go back and pull it together with some samples that took elements and blended them.