Sunday, 16 March 2014

3D software

This year a number of final years were given the opportunity to learn a new software that allows to imagine our designs on a 3D model and/or garment.

These stills only show some of what can be done, the images can be animated, simulating the fabric's drape and movement on the model, or saved as 3D documents so that you can see the garment from all angles.
It has been interesting inputting early designs and sketchbook pages onto the garments.
I think it would be really interesting to use this with my final designs - the only problem being that finding the right pattern from the ready made one is hard! If only I were a pattern cutter.

In terms of the rest of my project, things have turned around. After tutorials I have more focus and better direction than in my last post - developing some digital prints and combining with natural dyes, which 'm sure you will see soon.