Thursday, 10 April 2014


Tutorials with staff have been a great help throughout this process, in this past week I have had two…. with very different opinions.

In my first tutorial I was advised to rethink my market, looking at more boutique items, maybe sold through Etsy or similar.
This was something I disagreed with and lucky for me in my second tutorial I was backed up, carry on going as I am but make sure my justifications are strong.
At the Easter weekend I will be going to London to do some market research, I went to Hebden Bridge and Manchester's Northern Quarter to no avail. The market isn't right there, I need something more high end that hopefully London will provide… I will be visiting Shoreditch, Browns Fashion and Dover Street Market.
I feel my market research is very important, it was something that was lacking in the last project that I hope to improve here.